Sporty and sexy.

Delilah's Shapewear

SKU: 8335
  • Upgraded high-tech functional pants

    1. Italian imported Carvico REVOLUTIONAL® SLIM fabric, ultra flat, feather weight, breathable, shape retention, perfect fit, quick drying, durable, pilling resistance, non curling

    2. Micro-encapsulated NOVAREL® Slim fiber rich in active principles such as caffeine, vitamin E, retinol, fatty acids and aloe. The combined action of these four active principles matched with a regular use – not less than 8 hours a day for 8 consequent weeks – of garments made of Revolutional™ Slim contributes to reducing cellulite, remodeling the silhouette, and gently nourishing skin

    3. Double layers on the waist, adding more pressure to further tighten the waist and make an incredible change

    4. Anion healing laval stone inserted, support to promote blood circulation and metabolism, clear lymph, body detox, soothes and relieves stress

    5. Effectively help weight loss and postpartum recovery, relieve stretchmarks and reduce cellulite, ease mentrual cramps